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Wardrobe Consultation

The Style Hunter Wardrobe Consultation will help to breathe new life in to your closet.

During a 3-hour session, we will deep dive into your wardrobe, taking stock of its contents. 
Each piece of your clothing, shoes and accessories will be critically assessed to determine what 
works for your body and your lifestyle while eliminating those pieces that don’t fit or are outdated. 

We’ll shop from your own closet, putting items together in new ways and creating fresh 
options with clothes you already own. Your personal stylist will also look at how to 
best categorize your closet to simplify your life. Your wardrobe will be completely 
re-organized in a manner that suits your preferences and needs.

Your stylist will conclude by developing a checklist of essential pieces you need to create a versatile 
and cohesive wardrobe. After completing your wardrobe consultation you'll be inspired to try new styles, 
feel more confident in selecting your outfits and will look fabulous when you look in the mirror.

Stop wasting money on clothes that never see the light of day. Schedule your Wardrobe Consultation today 
and get a capsule of clothing that you love to wear, everyday.

Wardrobe Consultations are available in the Greater Toronto Area & Kingston, Ontario. 
Please EMAIL US to see if we will provide services in your area.

3 Hours Of Consultation @ $200
*If you require more than 3 hours of consultation services; each additional hour is $75/hr 

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