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Personal Shopping Trips

If time is an issue or simply shopping for clothing is a chore, The Style Hunter offers
 Personal Shopping Trips to clients.

A personal shopping trip with stylist, Lesley McClement will teach you not only how to properly 
shop for new clothing, but it will also educate you on which style and cuts look best on your body shape.

Lesley will pre-source clothing and accessories based on your needs, budget and style 
so that the most is being made of your consultation time with her.

                                                          -       Update your wardrobe in the most cost effective and efficient manner
                                                          -       Come away with a variety of outfits for every occasion.
                                                          -       Learn how to become a better shopper and to improve future purchases
                                                          -       Find new brands that work best for your shape, budget and lifestyle.
                                                          -       Purchase the items you really need to complete your wardrobe, rather than 
                                                 wasting money on clothing you do not need or already have.
                                                          -       Develop a seasonal capsule of clothing that you love to wear.

Personal Shopping Trips are available in the Greater Toronto Area & Kingston, Ontario. 
Please EMAIL US to see if we will provide services in your area.



You will never have to feel overwhelmed again by the abundant shopping choices available 
or frustrated by clothing that does not fit. Schedule your Personal Shopping Trip 
today, and we will make sure that your money and time are both spent wisely.


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