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How Do Your Services Work?
The process is very simple. Once you determine what your needs are (Specific Items, Personal Shopping, Gift Purchasing, Home Furnishings or The Style Society), you will then fill out the Form that best pertains to your request. Once we receive your respective style form, we will go on the hunt and find you the most stylish clothing/gifts/interiors at the best price possible. 

For Personal Shopping & Gift Purchasing Services, we will:  
1) Locate and source the items 
2) Send you an email with options and descriptions of the items you are interested in
3) Purchase the approved items for you at the best price possible
4) Deliver them directly to your doorstep

For The Style Society Services, we will: 
1) Locate 10-14 items based on your needs
2) Send the shipment to your doorstep
3) Try on the items in the comfort of your own home and keep those that best work for you and return any that do not (within 10 business days of receiving your box) 
4) Look great in your new wardrobe and schedule your next “Style Society” box shipment 

How Do Your Take In To Account Body Shape/Style? 
It is very important to consider body shape and style when personal shopping for our clients. Each service that we offer has a unique Form that gives us the information we require to best serve our clients. If you are looking to use our Personal Shopping service or The Style Society service, we ask that you fill-out your respective Form to the best of your ability and share information about your bodies challenges and assets. As long as you are comfortable revealing these details, we will be mindful when putting together your outfits and adding items to your wardrobe.

Do Your Accommodate Rush Requests? 
Our average turn around is 7 business days, however, we will do our best to accommodate your rushed needs. We can usually work within the timelines needed by our clients, as long as it is not too unreasonable. If you have a rush request, please write a special note about your urgency when filling out your respective Style Form

What Kind Of Clients Do You Typically Serve?
We do not have a stereotypical client. We cater to men, women and children of all ages. Our clients have ranged from business executives, to stay-at-home mothers to professional athletes and students. We welcome anyone to use our services!  
Please check out the Testimonial Section to see what type of clients have used our services in the past and to view the items we have purchased for them. 

Do You Offer Gift Certificates? 
Yes we do offer Gift Certificates! To learn more about purchasing our services as a gift, please visit our The Style Hunter Gift Certificate page. 

What Location Do You Ship Item's To?
Items can be shipped to anywhere in the United States or Canada. However, when shipping to the USA it is important to note that we do not cover costs associated with taking items across the border. 

How Quickly Do The Items Get Purchased And Shipped?
We do our best to get the items out quickly. It all depends on the difficulty of finding the product as well as the constraints of the retailers we are working with. However, we try to guarantee that the items are purchased and sent out to you within 10 business days. If you have a rush request, please remember to let us know and properly select your preferred shipping method (standard, express or international) on your Style Form.
For International Shipping, US Customs may delay the quick delivery of the goods. From past experience with International clients, we have found that the process usually takes between 7-10 business days to ship from the Canada to the United States.    

How Much Does It Cost To Use Your Services?
Please visit the Pricing section to view the costs associated with using The Style Hunter services. Our pricing is consistent across all services that we offer. We only use Check, Cash or PayPal to process orders.

How Do Your Returns Work? 
It is the client’s responsibility to cover all costs associated with returning items. 

If I Return All Items Am I Responsible For Paying A Style Hunter Fee?
If you return all of your items we will charge you a $25 flat fee for the services that were rendered. However, if you are making another request with us in the future, we will put your incurred flat fee value toward your next purchase.
*This can occur maximum of two times per purchase; at which time your $25 will be kept by The Style Hunter.


                                                    Is There A Minimum Order Value?  
There is no minimum or maximum order value. However there is $25 minimum service charge on all orders. See the Pricing Section to learn more about the cost of using our services. 

Is There A Fee To Use A Credit Card Via Paypal? 
No, we do not charge our clients to use our merchant system PayPal. This is a charge that we will cover on our end. 

What Form Of Payment Is Accepted?
At this time, we only accept cash, cheque and PayPal for payment of all services.

When Is Payment Required And How Does It Work?
Payment is required prior to the items being purchased and shipped to your doorstep. We ask you to provide the following payment, so that costs are covered on our end prior to you receiving your items:

For Personal Shopping & Gift Purchasing Services:
We will send an invoice to you via PayPal and it is your responsibility to pay for the items before they are shipped out. The charge you will see on your PayPal invoice will include the cost of the items + The Style Hunter service fee + delivery charges (if incurred). All payment must be received prior to the items being shipped out to you. If you need to return, we will refund your purchase via PayPal (minus any shipping charges + $7.95 return fee)  

For The Style Society Service: 

We ask that you pay a pre-paid deposit via PayPal to cover the costs of the inventory, as well as the shipping and service fee associated with the items. If all the items work for you, then the transaction is finalized and there is no additional charge. However, if any of the items do not work, the value will be refunded to you via PayPal.  

What Is Your Privacy Policy?
The Style Hunter respects your privacy. Any personal information collected from you, including credit card information, will be held in the strictest of confidence and will be used for internal purposes only. We never share your personal information with anyone outside of our office.  

Can I Opt Out Of Having My Purchase Featured In The Testimonial Section? Or If So, Can It be Featured Anonymously?
That is not a problem at all. If you don't want your information or the items we purchased for you placed on our website, please check the box on your Style Form. This will ensure that your information is not shared amongst our followers, or if shared it is done so anonymously.

Why Use A Personal Stylist? 
The Style Hunter will help to create a focused wardrobe or add pieces in to your closet that will make you look outstanding. Here at The Style Hunter, we will save you time and money while finding you looks that suit your lifestyle and budget. Regardless of your shape or size, The Style Hunter will provide you with guidance on how to best accentuate your assets and downplay your problem areas; making you feel confident in your clothing.

If I Like Certain Brands Of Clothing, Can You Take This In To Consideration When Purchasing For Me? 
Yes! When filling out your particular Style Form, please let us know if you have favorite (or not-so-favorite) retailers or brands. We will do our best to work within your guidelines. However, it is always good to take risks with new brands & styles so we ask that our clients try to be open-minded.

What Is The Difference Between The Personal Shopping And The Society Service? 
Client's using the Personal Shopping Service, are looking for us to source specific items such as brown flats, a dress for a wedding and cashmere sweaters. Whereas, client's looking to use The Style Society Service, are looking for a stress-free experience that delivers 10-14 hand-selected items delivered directly to their door {and on a consistent basis}. Thus, the Style Society service is for clients that are open to receiving a larger variety of apparel and the Personal Shopping service is for those who know what they want but don't know where to look or what to buy.

Who Typically Uses The Gift Purchasing Service?  
A lot of our clients ask us to purchase Wedding, Shower, Birthday & Anniversary gifts for their loved ones. Our clients can tell us exactly what they are looking for {or not} and we will ensure that the gift is purchased, beautifully wrapped & sent safely to the client or the recipient of the gift.

How Much Does Gift Wrapping Cost?  
Here at The Style Hunter, it is an additional $5 for gift-wrapping. Please select this option on the Gift Purchasing Form if you are interested in using this additional service. 
Are You Able To Attach A Card To The Gift? 
Yes! Just let us know on your Gift Purchasing Form what you want your card to read and we will ensure that a card is sent along with your present. It is an additional $3 to get a personalized card attached to your gift.

Can You Send A Gift To My Recipient Instead Of To Me?
Yes, that is not a problem! When filling out your Gift Purchasing Form just let us know what address you want the gift shipped to. 

What Type Of Gifts Do You Usually Purchase For Clients?
We work with our clients to come up with a gift that they feel would be most appropriate for their recipient. Thus, it is a personalized approach to gift buying, without the usual hassles of department stores, parking and post-office wait lines. However, if the client is open-minded to any gift options, then we will determine a gift that we feel best suits the recipient that we are purchasing for. If you would like to view the Gift Portfolio section of our website, it will give you an idea of gifts we have purchased in the past for clients. 

How Often Do The Clothes Arrive?
When you fill out The Style Society Form, you can determine how often you want your shipments sent to you. Our most popular time frames tend to be monthly or quarterly arrivals. If you have special requests or specific timing preferences, please inform us on your Style Society Form and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Is There A Fee To Join The Style Society?
There is no fee to join The Style Society. However, due to the high discounts that we get on our apparel, we do charge a service fee (only on the items that you keep). Please see the Pricing section to view our fee structure.

How Do You Know What Clothes Will Work For Me?
We determine our clients needs based on the information that you fill out in your Style Society Form and the feedback that we have received from prior clients. 

When Do I Pay For The Goods?
It is imperative that we have a pre-paid deposit via Paypal, before the goods are sent to you. This deposit will cover your apparel, shipping and The Style Hunter service fee. Payment is required prior to the items leaving our warehouse. Once you determine what items work for you and which ones don't, we will send you a full refund via PayPal for the clothing that you returned and the service fee associated with it. 

How Do Returns Work? 
Once we send your Style Society shipment, it is your responsibility to try on the items at home and determine what works for you. If there are items that do not fit/work for you, please send them back to us within 10 business days of receiving your shipment. The items must be in original condition with tags attached, for a return to be processed. 

What Kind Of Clothing Do You Put In To The Style Society Boxes?  
We work with our clients to find clothing that best suits their budget and lifestyle. We continually update our inventory and tend to work with retailers and suppliers that produce high-quality items. Just imagine the best of Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom being chosen specifically for you! 

Please check out our Apparel Portfolio section to view some of the looks that we have put together for men and women this season. 

How Much Do The Clothing In Your Style Boxes Typically Cost?
We work with our retailers and suppliers to bring you the best clothing at the most reasonable price possible. Deep discounts over department store prices, is what The Style Hunter is all about! We do however, take pride in offering our clients long-lasting, high quality clothing and these components are our main priority when purchasing for our clients. To give you an idea of our price structure, our denim is usually between $80-$200, sweaters between $60-$150 and dress shirts between $50-$130. 

How Often Do You Get Shipments? 
It is totally up to you! If you would like to schedule your shipments on a periodic basis, please inform us when filling out your Style Society Form. We will ensure that your shipments are sent out based on your chosen schedule. 

How Many Items Are Sent In A Box?
Each box contains 10-16 items depending on your need and the time of year.

My Questions Were Not Answered Above? 
Please Email Us and we will answer any further questions that you have regarding our services. We look forward to hearing from you!